The Wright(-Phillips) Stuff

April 19 2007

Shaun Wright-Phillips - a unique talentFrom a purist’s perspective, it’s hard to get that excited about the football that Chelsea play. But there is one, occasional redeeming feature. And that’s Shaun Wright-Phillips.

He was in scintillating form in last night’s impressive 4-1 victory over West Ham, and his two goals were exceptional. The jinking footwork of the first goal and sublime volleyed finish of the second demonstrated an alliance of devastating speed, close control and supreme technical accomplishment.

Wright-Phillips is one of the few English players who make you think something exciting is about to happen every time he is on the ball. And the hiatus imposed upon his career by the time he has spent on the bench at Chelsea is a crying shame.

During his time at City he was one of the most consistently impressive players in the Premiership, with his soft, slightly knock-kneed mastery of the ball and a thumping shot that belies his tiny frame.

His ability to exploit gaps and spaces in opposition defences sets him out as a unique talent, and with his ability he really should have established himself as the long-term successor to David Beckham in the national side.


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