Euro 2012: A whole host of issues

April 18 2007

Kiev's Olympic Stadium - potential venue for the 2012 FinalI didn’t see that one coming. Italy were the overwhelming favourites, but the decision to allow Poland and the Ukraine to jointly host the 2012 European Championships sends out a stark message that Italy has to sort out the problems currently plaguing their domestic game.

But if UEFA think keeping the tournament out of Italy will negate potential hooligan problems, they should think again. Poland’s supporters have an unenviable reputation as some of the most violent in Europe, and with the political problems currently plaguing the Ukraine, both countries have their work cut out.

The news is obviously a blow for the other joint bid from Croatia and Hungary. In an article on the BBC Football website this morning (which has annoyingly just disappeared), one of the men behind the bid declared he was thoroughly confident of success owing to the fact their dossier was considerably thicker than those of their rivals.

It’s good news for England though. Average summer temperatures in Poland and the Ukraine are considerably lower than in the inhospitable furnaces of Germany, Portugal and Japan which played such an enormous and not remotely overstated part in their elimination from the last three major tournaments.

At least they’ve got five years to dust off some new excuses.


3 Responses to “Euro 2012: A whole host of issues”

  1. maddama Says:

    Poland’s and Ukraine’s issues are mostly political and the success of this venture depends on 2 things:

    1. Ukraine shall have to tone down the violent dichotomy between the followers of Yanukowych and Yushchenko.

    2. The Polish govermnent, buried knee-deep in affairs and witch-hunts, that had paralyzed all neccessary reforms, will have to mobilize and start cooperating with the opposition.

    As a Pole living in Poland and seeing what my government does, I can’t help but fear shame.

  2. Tom Williams Says:

    Thanks for your comment madamma.

    I won’t pretend to be au fait with the current political goings-on in Poland and the Ukraine, but I do know that Euro 2012 presents both countries with a fanastic opportunity to revitalise their respective infrastructures and showcase themselves to the world.

  3. maddama Says:

    It is an undeniable opportunity and many people try to look at it this way. But I fear we’ll only disgrace ourselves. Euro 2012 has already become a political matter in Poland 😦 The prime minister and his populist party hate the president of the polish football association, and had before tried to get rid of him (without success). Now they’ve decided to personally take control of the whole venture – they filled nearly all of the organization comittee with people from their party – including the prime minister himself, as chariman. Seeing how they’re running a country is a disaster, I’m anticipating a miracle to help us get everything ready on time. And I’m really sorry to say this, because I love my country, I don’t want it to disgrace itself 😦

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