Manchester United 7-1 Roma

April 11 2007

United goal-scorers Cristiano Ronaldo and Alan Smith celebrate Great matches change football, and United’s stunning 7-1 victory over Roma last night certainly did.

The bar has suddenly been raised. Not since their 5-1 demolition of Benfica in 1966 have United hit such stellar heights in Europe, and only Arsenal’s 5-1 victory over Inter Milan in the San Siro in November 2003 bears comparison in recent history, and that was in the group stages.

This was a quarter-final against the second best team in Italy. And from a team shorn of no less than five first-team regulars, coming off the back of two gruelling 2-1 defeats.

Needless to say, it was an absolutely incredible performance. A finer display of pacy, free-flowing football you could not wish to see in any competition in any country in the world.

The promise of a final showdown with Chelsea or Liverpool (if, of course, Bayern Munich or AC Milan can be safely circumnavigated en route) is tantalising in the extreme. Will there have ever been a bigger game in the history of English club football?

Improbable thought it may have seemed at the beginning of the season, this might just turn out to be the greatest season in United’s history. If only Chelsea would stop fluking winning goals in injury time…


4 Responses to “Manchester United 7-1 Roma”

  1. eGIG Says:

    just had to laugh at your comment second best team in Italy not a chance in hell!

    5th or 6th best team maybe even 7th best team in Italy!

    We all know Inter,Milan,A.C,Fiorentina,Lazio are all better if not for the match fixing scandals yes their in second but thier nothing special and should not have even been in this yrs uefa cl

  2. Tom Williams Says:

    How else are we to judge a team’s strength than by its league position?

    Yes, the match-fixing scandal has hindered AC Milan, Lazio and Fiorentina this season, but if you added the points they were docked to their current points totals, they still wouldn’t be ahead of Roma.

    I think it’s fairly obvious that Milan are a better team than Roma, but that’s not what the league table says and that, after all, is how teams are judged.

  3. badabing Says:

    yeh had to laugh at that as well more like 4th to 5th best not only did Milan and co lose players but it’s also mentally draining for them as well. Roma is no where near the best Italy has to offer and to the writer of this artical how does it feel to let Milan destroy you again and i’m a juve fan the sooner english team realize that you win champions leagues not with long balls and blistering pace but tight defence and ball skill they will finally start winning them. liverpool “assholes” play like this and look at their success….

  4. Tom Williams Says:

    So United play with long balls and no ball skill? Arsenal made the final last year. Didn’t see them employing long-ball tactics either.

    And we should feel sorry for Milan because their involvement in the match-fixing scandal was “mentally draining”?

    I’m not sure I can bring myself to take your argument seriously after these suggestions.

    How did it feel to be destroyed by Milan? To be perfectly honest it felt rather humbling, but as a football purist I fully appreciated the quality of Milan’s display, and I look forward to seeing them repeat it in the final.

    But if Italian teams really are the authority on winning the Champions League, how come only one team has done it since 1996?

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