“Put him on a stretcher” – The Ronaldo Showboating Saga continues…

March 22 2007

Cristiano Ronaldo wins the penalty that knocked Middlesbrough out of the FA CupOK, this really has gone too far now.

First we had Gareth Southgate voicing the opinion that it’s OK to want to hurt Cristiano Ronaldo. Then we had George Boateng saying it’s only a matter of time before an opponent does hurt Ronaldo. And now we’ve got Belgium goal-keeper Stijn Stijnen revealing that his team have already planned how they’re going to hurt him!

UEFA are right to want to investigate this. And maybe they should have a look at Southgate and Boateng’s comments too. Ronaldo may irritate a significant proportion of football fans (and managers and players, it would seem), but he is nonetheless a wonderfully gifted player, who is no more deserving of brutal treatment than anyone else.

The fact Ronaldo is a flashy showboater does not give anyone the right to kick him. Opponents should see playing against him as a prime opportunity to test themselves against a sublimely talented player, and not a chance to give someone a kicking because he makes them look silly.


One Response to ““Put him on a stretcher” – The Ronaldo Showboating Saga continues…”

  1. I totally agree. Not only about Cristiano Ronaldo as about any other player.

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