Sore loser Southgate lets himself down with petty Ronaldo comments

March 20 2007

Middlesbrough manager Gareth SouthgateGareth Southgate’s “we’d all like to do that” comment about James Morrison’s wild lunge at Cristiano Ronaldo in the closing stages of last night’s FA Cup quarter-final replay at Old Trafford was pathetic.

If Premiership managers can get hauled before the FA for questioning the integrity of referees, they should certainly be asked to “explain their comments” when they suggest that wanting to deliberately injure an opponent is OK.

Of course Middlesbrough were angry with Ronaldo. He’d just won and scored the penalty that knocked them out of the Cup. And now he was showboating in the corner to waste time. But that’s football. He certainly wasn’t doing anything wrong.

We all get angry when decisions go against our team. But kicking an opponent because you’re losing is the behaviour of a lout, not a professional sportsman.

Another person whose behaviour last night left a lot to be desired was Wayne Rooney. He was very fortunate not to receive a second yellow card for shoving Morrison after his foul on Ronaldo, and a stronger referee might well have sent him off.

Rooney was evidently frustrated at having earlier wasted two glorious chances, but Alex Ferguson must be concerned that he still seems worryingly incapable of controlling his temper.


4 Responses to “Sore loser Southgate lets himself down with petty Ronaldo comments”

  1. blamerbell Says:

    Are there any genuine sportsmen left in the game? You’d have to say certainly none of the United team.

  2. Tom Williams Says:

    Depends what you mean by “sportsmen”. If you mean players who provide shining examples of sporting chivalry in every game they play, then there probably aren’t many true sportsmen in the game.

    But I’d like to think that most footballers are, on the whole, sporting by nature. Most footballers don’t cheat, dive, feign injury or intimidate referees.

    If they did, the examples of unsporting behaviour that occasionally sully the image of the game wouldn’t stand out quite as much as they do.

  3. […] Sore loser Southgate lets himself down with petty Ronaldo comments […]

  4. Markwv Says:

    favorited this one, dude

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