Arrogant self-aggrandising alienates Henry’s admirers

February 12 2007

Thierry HenryRob Smyth has written an interesting article about the increasingly petulant behaviour of Thierry Henry on the Guardian Unlimited website today.

The Arsenal captain’s taunting of Wigan keeper Chris Kirkland in yesterday’s game at the Emirates Stadium is the latest indication that the one-time ‘nicest man in football’ is losing that certain va va voom that once made people so fond of him.

His childish post-Champions League Final rant at the referee was thoroughly embarrassing, and his conduct at times this season has been less than impressive. The goals haven’t been flowing that freely either, and while Henry’s form has stuttered, his younger team-mates have begun to intrude into the limelight that once belonged completely to him. His attempts to force his way back into that limelight by making himself the focal point of the team’s celebrations (even when he hasn’t been playing) have been toe-curling to say the least.

One suspects that, particularly given the injury that has kept Samuel Eto’o out of action for so long this season, Henry is beginning to wonder what might have been had he swapped London for Barcelona when he had the chance to last summer.


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